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Bless Your Enemies

When someone does something bad to you, imagine his inner suffering.

Nobody does bad things out of pleasure and doing so does not make anyone happy.

Say a prayer and imagine a shower of flowers falling on to that person.

You will see the magical change that takes place if you do it from the heart.

I am very happy to see you here!It has been many years of traveling on the path of dreams, color, poetry, magic, spirituality, passion and an immense love that have given birth to this concept of light that comes to illuminate the darkness in our lives.

I am offering it to you with the profound wish to set a path toward The Truth and to plant a seed that will grow to become a beautiful tree in the immensity of your life’s valley. Let the golden rays of your sunset caress its branches so it can offer its fruits of love, hope and peace.

He is watching…


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