The Mysterious Woman

Written by: Ricardo  |  Published on: November 8th, 2012   |  Leave comments »

Who is that woman with the distinctive air, simply dressed, although well cared for, who is accompanied by an equally modestly dressed young girl? They enter a sordid looking house where the lady is obviously well known because they are greeted with respect as they enter.

Where is she going? Up to the garret where a mother lies surrounded by her many children. On their arrival happiness bursts forth upon the thin faces. This is because the woman has come to soothe their pains. She has brought everything they need,tempered with gentle and consoling words which allows her protégés, who are not professional beggars, to accept these benefits without blushing.

The father is in hospital and while he is there the mother is unable to provide the necessities of life with her work. By the grace of this good woman these poor children will no longer feel cold nor hungry; they will go to school well-clothed and, for the smaller ones, the mother’s breasts which feed them will not go dry. If any... Read more

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Written by: Ricardo  |  Published on: September 4th, 2012   |  Leave comments »

Every time you wake up in the morning, you are getting back from the spiritual realm to the material world. Take a few minutes for yourself in silence and meditate about what do you want to accomplish.

Positive affirmations are more powerful than what you may think! So repeat them every day in the morning until you delete from your subconscious any ideas of failure, fear or incapacity of any kind.

You are a winner!!! ©

Your Life Does Not Have To Be A Soap Opera®
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Written by: Ricardo  |  Published on: August 6th, 2012   |  Leave comments »

Every day is a new opportunity. Every sunrise is a new chance to continue your path towards the success of your own quest.

Smile, rejoice and be grateful for this divine concession that allows you to face new situations in your life. Be optimistic and courageous while facing your particular trials and atonements.

You planned your destiny on the spiritual realm, now is the time to fulfill your mission.
Every moment is sacred and should not be wasted. Go now! Fulfill your destiny! ©

Your Life Does Not Have To Be A Soap Opera®
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