The Process of the Birth of the Planet

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Sometimes a grey outlook may make us lose hope. Path of Light 3But light does not exist without previous darkness, nor calm without a storm. In order to give birth, there must be labor pains.

Our planet is transforming into a place where evil will be eradicated. The process, however, requires us to reach a climax of pain.

Have faith! Stay on the Path of Light and you will very soon see the rainbow of love light up your way. ©

Your Life Does Not Have To Be A Soap Opera®... Read more

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Let’s Throw Away What is No Longer Useful

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It is time to throw away what is no longer useful. Set Yourself FreeAttachment to things and people are like anchors that prevent you from sailing.

This is your life! Take the reins firmly and leave behind whatever is not good for you.

Clean your house now in the present so your future can walk through the door. ©

Your Life Does Not Have To Be A Soap Opera®
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2012, The End of Our Era – The Law of Progress

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First of all, let me make it clear to you that the um novo mundoworld isn’t going to end. God is pure love, and Divine Providence would never permit the destruction of His children, since that would revoke the most elemental laws of Divine creation.

But you shouldn’t take it lightly, either, because the changes that are nearing do concern you greatly. Your spiritual future and what will happen with your next incarnations and coming happiness depends on them.

Everything in this cosmos is in perfect harmony. From the minimum detail to the biggest galaxies you can imagine. God has foreseen everything, and our planet is no exception to this rule.

Rid your mind of any idea of arbitrariness or punishment, since nothing of what God has created for us is in harmony with either of these two concepts.

One of the Universal

Laws we’re telling you about is the Law of Progress.

And our planet, as with all that exists in the Universe, is ruled by it.

We’ve already talked about humanity being subject... Read more

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