Family Ties

Written by: Ricardo  |  Published on: June 9th, 2011   |  Leave comments »

I feel very unhappy. I can’t get along with my family. I feel that I don’t belong with them. How can I feel better?

A: Many times we have that feeling of not belonging to certain groups. When the group happens to be our “blood” family, it is more difficult to understand, as we are supposed to have an obvious affinity through kinship. But this is not always the case. Our spiritual family will not necessarily be the one we are born into in this incarnation. We return to this planet to continue our evolution path through trials and atonement. And many times, these trials must take place within the family unit in which we are born. Why does a mother sometimes feel immediate aversion to her baby at birth? Why do we sometimes feel infinite love for acertain family member? The answer is in the fact that we have met in the past and have left unsolved situations. God allows us to re-encounter ourselves in this new life opportunity with those with whom we have had past history to resolve what needs to be resolved and to learn in the process. Regardless of the causes that make you feel separate from your family, you need to be tolerant and especially to do it with love. Everything is possible with love.... Read more

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