Living With Joy

Written by: Ricardo  |  Published on: September 2nd, 2011   |  Leave comments » | Message of the Day

Developing joy for life is not only a privilege but also an obligation. Sickness starts in our spiritual body. Don’t allow it to get contaminated!
Look around you and be grateful for the miracle of life and for the opportunity to go through your particular tests and to amend your past mistakes.
You are on the right way! Be happy and grateful with love and hope for what is still to come. You are on your way towards freedom.... Read more

Your Friend, Pain

Written by: Ricardo  |  Published on: September 1st, 2011   |  Leave comments » | Message of the Day

Pain is simply a part of the learning process that we have come to experience no matter if it’s physical or emotional. We shall not rebel against our “luck” for it is the opportunity that life grants us to grow and evolve in our existence.

Pain and suffering are not your, but your venerable teachers who make us humble to what we take for granted without appreciation of its true value. ... Read more

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