It’s Time

Written by: Ricardo  |  Published on: July 5th, 2011   |  Leave comments » | The Transformation of the Planet

We are training today to work toward reconstruction of the world in which we dwell, applying ideals like justice, humbleness of heart and the kind of understanding that emerges from compassion.

It is time that the knowledge and resources accumulated in the past, as well as the gift of increased possibilities in the present be used rationally in this reincarnation. There is not much time left for futile actions and illusions.

Right now, we need to deal with those souls who are ready and determined to work at the task that cannot wait.

Much work was done by the Spiritual Administrators of our lives so we could finally join and work together after such a long history of disputes, quarrels, and domestic disharmony.

It is time to follow the one flame of truth within us: the faith that flickers in our spirits will be our guiding light, clearly indicating the direction to take.

He is waiting. Let us go forward.

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