Reincarnation, a New Opportunity

Written by: Ricardo  |  Published on: October 13th, 2014   |  Leave comments » | Our Blog,Reincarnation

Nicodemus asked Jesus, “Rabbi, what should I do to enter the kingdom of God?” And Jesus Reencarnaciónreplied, “You must be born again.”

For centuries, great Indian and Egyptian philosophers talked about the transmigration of the soul, the immortality of the soul, and the reincarnation and plurality of existences.

Later, Pythagoras also discussed these topics in his Metempsychosis. And two thousand years ago, our Divine Teacher Jesus said to us, “That which is born of flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Do not marvel that I said to you: You must be born again.”

What is Reincarnation?

It is the rebirth of the Spirit in the physical plane. Allan Kardec, the Father of Spiritism, uses the term Plurality of Existence to better define it. It is based on the immortality of the soul and its constant evolution through millennia of existence.

Why do we reincarnate? Have you thought about how unfair it would be if we only had a few years to exist, to develop, to love and be... Read more

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What Type of Planet is Earth?

Written by: Ricardo  |  Published on: December 28th, 2012   |  Leave comments » | Our Blog,Reincarnation

The EarthPlaneta de amor is a Planet of Trials and Atonements. It’s here that we have the opportunity to repair the errors we’ve committed in the past, so we may learn and progress.

We’ve been through millions of years of evolution, in which we’ve been constantly evolving in order to be able to arrive at the point at which we find ourselves today.

There exist other inhabited planets whose physical constitution is very different from that of the Earth. Those planets are subject to the same laws of evolution and progress that rule our world.

Depending on the degree of evolution of each planet, some will be inferior, some the same, and others superior, to different degrees, to our planet.

Just as the Earth is a Planet of Trials and Atonements, there are also other planets where rather than trials, there exist only atonements. These planets are inferior to ours, and the conditions of life are much more difficult than those we have here.

Likewise, there are other planets more evolved than Earth,... Read more

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Child Prodigies – Spiritual Memory

Written by: Ricardo  |  Published on: December 5th, 2012   |  Leave comments » | Reincarnation

Have you ever wondered how it is possible that there are “Child Prodigies,” capable to compete with mastery and surpass the skills of adults that have dedicated their lives to the development of art and science? Here are a few examples:

-Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was playing the piano when he was 3 years old, and he composed his first     symphony when he was 5.

– Pablo Picasso was a master painter at the age 4.

– Howard Phillips Lovecraft was able to recite poetry when he was 2 years old.

– William James Sidis was reading when he was 18 months old. When he was 7 years old, he had                already written 4 books and spoke 8 languages. He gave a lecture at Harvard when he was 9, and he        started studying at that university at just 11 years old.

– Michael Kearney started to speak... Read more

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