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There are a vast quantity of books that the Enlightened Spirits have shared with us with great generosity and love. 

The following is a list of just a few books that I recommend you read and that have helped us in the creation of  Your Life Does Not Have To Be A Soap Opera®. Some of these books are essential for my daily study:

From various spiritual authors, codified by Allan Kardec
“The Gospel According to Spiritism” – “The Spirits’ Book” – “Genesis” – “Heaven and Hell” – ” The Mediums’ Book” – “Introduction to the Spiritist Philosophy” – ” What is Spiritism?”.

From André Luiz, psychographed by Francisco Cándido Xavier
“Our Home” – “The Messengers” – ” Missionaries of Light” – “Workers of the Eternal Life” – “In the Greater World” – “Liberation” – “Between Earth and Heaven” – “In the Domains of Mediumship” – “Action and Reaction” – “Evolution in Two Worlds” – “Mechanisms of Mediumship” – “Sex and Destiny” – “And Life Goes On…”.

From various spiritual authors, psychographed by Francisco Cándido Xavier
“Good News, Humberto de Campos” – “Jesus in the Home, Neio Lúcio”.

From Emmanuel, psychographed by Francisco Cándido Xavier
“Consolator” – “Path of Light” – “2000 Years Ago” – “The Religion of the Spirits” – “Our Daily Bread” – “You Will Conquer” – “Paulo and Esteban”.

From Joanna de Ângelis, psycho- graphed by Divaldo Franco”
“Vigilance” – “Dimensions of the Truth” – “The Awakening of the Spirit” – “Gospel Flowering” – “After the Storm” – “In the Threshold of Infinity”.

From various spiritual authors, psychographed by Divaldo Franco
“The Expiation”, Victor Hugo – “Parias in Redemption”, Victor Hugo – “Enlightening Commitment”, Bezerra de Meneses – “Planetary Transition”, Manoel Philomeno de Miranda – “Toward the Stars”, Various authors – “Fields of Kindness”, Various authors.

From various spiritual authors, psychographed by Raul Teixeira
“For Everyday Use”, by Joanes – “In the Name of God”, by José Lopes Neto – “Challenges of Family Life”, by Camilo.

Various Authors
“Transforming the Mind”, The Dalai Lama – “After Death”, Léon Denis – “Tao Te King”, Lao Tse – “Gospel at Home”, Sociedad Educacional Allan Kardec – “Talking to the Death”, Barbara Weisber.

I also recommend:
Any biography on Mother Teresa, Ghan- di, The Dalai Lama, Francisco Xavier, Paulo de Tarso and the New Testament with stories about Jesus.

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