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Who is Ricardo Chavez?

He is a man with a true passion for life. He believes in humanity and its great potential for happiness. He knows that nothing happens by coincidence but by causality. And he, above all, knows that there is a higher power who guides us and that nothing can happen in our lives without his consent.

Ricardo is an “ancient” man who believes in love, loyalty and camaraderie, which virtues and values have been forgotten by the modern world, but still continue to be alive within his “old” soul. He believes that giving one’s word is an honorable promise that should never be broken. He is a man who lives his life according to his convictions and an unalterable code of honor, which is the light that guides him along his path on this planet.

In spite of his long successful career as an actor, he never let fame and success taint him. He has preserved the simplicity of a man who believes that family is the most valuable treasure a person can possess.

Ricardo is a worldly man who strives to improve himself by doing his best to live according to the teachings of those who came to this planet to give us light, hope and consolation to overcome our imperfections and difficulties.

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