Ricardo Chávez was born in Mexico City on November 24th into a middle class family. He is the youngest of three brothers. His father an engineer and his mother a housewife were both in the entertainment business before getting married. Don Juan sang Mexican music and even opened concerts for Pedro Infante. Doña Hilda, a very beautiful woman, was a model.

From his birth, Ricardo was fortunate enough to have an “angel” next to him: his nanny Amelia – who raised him and took care of him with the love of a true spiritual mother. The sacrifice and dedication of this great woman, as he puts it, are the purest examples of true and unconditional love that have shaped Ricardo into the man he is today.

From an early age, Ricardo has been passionate about seeking answers to our spiritual origins and reality, human nature and psychology. He has always felt that inner need to understand the mysteries that might explain human suffering.

Holder of an old soul, books became his best friends at an early age. His mother remembers how Ricardo, as a child, would devour any book he would come across with. She used to buy him every new book or classical music collection. His favorite books were encyclopedias. He would find in them the answers to the questions that adults could not or would not answer.

That is how he began his path toward the exploration of different arts, disciplines and philosophies trying to find answers to his increasingly profound questions.

When Ricardo was very young, his father introduced him to the Martial Arts where he found refuge for his need to fuse into a balance of spirituality, discipline and code of honor. He was selected to become part of the national team in his country for Tae Kwon Do and Ju-Do. He is a black belt in both disciplines as well as in Kum-Do, the art of the Korean sword.

To understand who Ricardo the child was, let’s just say that while his friends would ask for the “hottest” toy, he would dream of having a medieval armor, and antique sword or violin classes.

His spiritual baggage was obvious.

In his quest for the expression of that great spiritual wealth and the whirlwind of feelings and emotions caused by so many unanswered questions, from a very young age Ricardo felt the compelling need to express himself through art. At first, he dreamt about becoming a singer, but through the years he would discover his true passion: acting.

Ricardo formally started his journey toward success at age 16 when, for the first time, he set foot on a theatre stage. During that time, he was already studying a bachelor’s to become a Classical Dance Performer at the world renowned Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes of México, birthplace of great world famous dancers as well as Flamenco Dance with a legend in that art: the Maestro Fernando Valdéz.

Although he continued working in theatre and preparing as an actor, he later decided to give modeling a try after being discovered by an important fashion show coordinator. The results of that decision were immediate. He rapidly gained popularity and traveled to several continents as the spokes model for leading names such as Hugo Boss and Armani.

Nevertheless, acting was a need for his soul and he opted to permanently leave his modeling career and go back to his great passion, committing to it in body and soul.

With multiple awards for his talent, 18 soap operas, 21 theater plays, 8 movies and over 100 television shows and series under his belt, Ricardo decided to make a “pause” on his career in order to dedicate himself to writing his first book “Your Life Does Not Have To Be A Soap Opera”, which will be published simultaneously in English and Spanish in several continents.

Ricardo is currently living in Hollywood, “The Movie Mecca”, where he will resume his acting career in order to consolidate it in the American market. This will happen through a trilogy of timepiece films where he will share credits with movie legends as the lead actor. At his representation’s request, we can’t give any more details about these projects.

Ricardo has cultivated an impeccable reputation through the years by always leading a life free of scandals or embarrassing situations. His main interest is family and the legacy he can leave behind. During his career, Ricardo has always kept in touch with those who have helped make his professional success a reality through his web pages. He is well liked and respected by the press, his peers, his fans and the Industry in general.

Some of his most important experiences and achievements include:

  • Professional Classic Ballet Dancer under the tutelage of the great Master Jorge Sánchez.
  • Professional dancer under the tutelage of Flamenco Dance Legend, Maestro Fernando Valdéz.
  • He was personally trained by Great Master Ejo Takata Sensei in Zen philosophy and practice.
  • Martial Artist with 3 black belts in 3 different arts (Ju-Do, Tae Kwon Do and Kum-Do).
  • Member of 3 national teams for his country in different sports (Ju-Do, Rowing and Tae Kwon Do).
  • Successful entrepreneur whose most important achievements include the multiple award-winning Fine Italian Cuisine Restaurant “Il Vaticano”.
  • He is an internationally renowned actor who has received multiple awards.
  • He has hundreds of thousands of fans all over the world with whom he keeps in direct contact through his web pages.
  • Tireless advocate for the needy and noble causes.
  • Member of the prestigious International Shriners Club.
  • Member of the Supreme Council of Mexico.
  • He works with institutions that are dedicated to philanthropic work and to the continuous study toward spiritual and physical freedom for humanity.
  • He has plans to create a Foundation to help victims of domestic abuse, mainly women, children and the elderly.

With a “heart of fire and a child-like smile”, as the media have stated, Ricardo Chávez believes in the existence of Divinity, with love as its main characteristic.

His philosophy is one of love and respect for all living beings and for the planet. And his goal is to spread light and awareness to all those who are still in the darkness.

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