The Book

How This Adventure Began

Ricardo Chavez

One night, while sitting out on the terrace of my apartment in Los Angeles, I looked up at the moon as I was sipping one of those espressos I like so much, a Cuban style espresso that I developed a taste for when I lived in Miami, and my children would call my “Cuspresso.” I sipped the strong brew while experiencing one of those existentialist impasses that I get from time to time, when I think about my present, my past, and my future – or like my aunt Lilia used to say, when I think about the “immortality of the crab.”

It was at that moment that I realized I was feeling the need to express a lot of things, to give and to deliver something good that was deep inside me, and I began to explore several possibilities about how to do it. One of them was starting a blog on the Internet. Up to a couple of days before I had no idea what a blog was. When I looked into it, I realized it was a very interesting form of communicating with others. But after I wrote my first posting, it sounded cold, lacked sensibility and was somewhat impersonal. It was at that point that I started to think about other avenues to share my many experiences about life and success.

My father has always told me that whatever I do, I must do well or don’t do at all. And that’s the way I have always lived my life. It’s my belief that if you are going to do something, you have to give it your best effort. In others words, put your heart and soul into what you are doing along with, discipline, perseverance and passion. This is the formula I have used to achieve success throughout my career.

In the past few months my life has changed in many ways. I’m living in Hollywood and experiencing the chaotic loneliness one feels in a new big city. I had been asked to write a book about my experiences as an actor many times, and I always replied that I was an actor and not a writer. After examining my current situation, I realized that my present reality is in perfect harmony with my desire to write a book at this time. Finally, actors are storytellers, and why not use the book form to tell my stories?

As I was pondering all these ideas, I looked up at the moon in all its glory, and as I looked at it absorbed in my thoughts, the moon simply… smiled at me!

You may think I was hallucinating, or that perhaps I had added something strong to my coffee… but I reassure you that at that moment I felt deeply in the innermost corner of my soul that the moon was smiling at me and saying, “Go ahead… you are on the right track… share your knowledge.”

So this is how the idea for this book was born… in an instant… like an adventure… and I immediately walked into my study and started to write.

And that’s how Your Life Does Not Have To Be A Soap Opera was born…


About the Book

Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? Who am I in this life? Why do I suffer? Why do others have more than I do? Why does it seem that everything comes easy to others while it’s so hard for me? Why am I not happy? The answers to all these questions, which have been a mystery until now, are finally being answered.

Your Life Does Not Have To Be A Soap Opera is an Back-Cover-English-Low-166x250entertaining and interesting book dedicated to the awakening of oneself through deep analysis of our spiritual reality.

The author, whose style turns even the most profound and complicated subject into something fun and enjoyable, with a great sense of humor, and at the same time, with a profound knowledge of the human being, invites us to embark in a journey through self-discovery without pre-established formulas, dogmas or rituals and with a clear vision of who we are and what our human potential is.

In every page, the reader will fly to unknown universes even though the subjects are all well-known already: a profound longing to be happy, the origins of our suffering, the quest for inner peace and the battle to live a fulfilling life.

Your Life Does Not Have To Be A Soap Opera explains in simple but yet profound terms the origins of our problems, worries, anguish and fills us with hope by offering the light of knowledge and the real possibility to achieve our goals and dreams.

Is this a self-help book? It probably is because it guides the readers on the path of self-reflection and understanding of the roots of their problems, a process that will result in transformation through a process of awakening and discovery of our spiritual origins.

Everything in the Universe conspires. There are Universal Laws that we can turn in our favor if we understand how they work and if we live according to our destiny.

Through this enlightening and pleasant book, the readers will overcome their insecurities and fears by making their “old soul” which has resided within them for centuries turn into a New Soul – pure, transparent and confident to be the recipient of a divine heritage, whose spiritual wealth will transform their path into pleasant experiences, constant happiness, spiritual evolution and the conquest of our long-awaited dreams.


The Book’s Concept

book-heart-300x221Your Life Does Not Have To Be A Soap Opera is a concept, a philosophy of life that invites us to live our lives in accordance with our true spiritual reality.

We are ignorant to what we cannot see with our own physical eyes and continuously complain about the endless misfortunes that cause us sadness, discouragement, hopelessness, pain, attachment to our apparent reality and, in general, keep us from our true destiny: TO BE HAPPY.

Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going to? The three questions of the Sphinx that humanity have tried to answer for thousands of years. Your Life Does Not Have To Be a Soap Opera helps us unveil these mysteries by giving a simple and understandable explanation to those messages that the Divinity has sent to us through Enlightened Messengers throughout centuries.

Salvation, Self-Help or Philosophy? The title is irrelevant. The objective is to scatter light and help those in need through their particular paths on this planet toward the happiness and inner peace that we all seek.



book-9066-300x300 The main mission of Your Life Does Not Have To Be A Soap Opera is to be a vehicle of light, comfort, motivation, education and help for all our brothers and sisters who are lost in the shadows of grief, unhappiness, anguish and hopelessness.

This concept is born out of the love for humanity and the desire to be of service to the best of our abilities.

The Book is just the first of many elements that will be part of this wonderful undertaking.

We will soon be offering other means to spread The Truth, such as the Audio-Book for all those who lack the sense of sight or those who have difficulties to read or even whoever doesn’t know how to. We will also have a Series of Motivational CD’s, Guided Meditations, Seminars and other tools that will help us accomplish our mission.

The next big step will be the production of The Movie. Through this movie, we hope to get to the consciousness of millions of people all over the world. People will be able to see on the big screen, the magnitude of what has been taught to us throughout time and that is the key and solution to what is stopping us from reaching our goals and from being happy.

As a third step, we will open The Foundation which will offer help, comfort and shelter to those people in need who have been victims of domestic abuse: mainly women, children and the elderly.

This way, we hope to be able to offer some consolation to all those who suffer and have lost hope to continue forward. To those who do not have a friend’s hand to offer them the love they lack. To those who have forgotten the last time they felt loved and important. And to mainly be able to serve as a healing ointment for the souls and the consciousness of our planetary family.

There is still a lot of grief on this evolving planet. We ask Divinity to inspire us and help us accomplish this task successfully.

So mote it be!

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