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Welcome to Your Life Radio! The only Internet radio station where you will discover that your spiritual reality is very different to what you have imagined until now!

Every week we will be transmitting for you and your host, Ricardo Chavez, will have important guests, who will be talking with us about important matters that we know you will be very interested in.

Each and all of them, experts in their topics, will share with us their light and knowledge about very interesting topics that are part of the concept of Your Life Does Not Have To Be A Soap Opera.

So don’t forget to come often and listen to YourLifeRadio!

Second Episode – The Immortality of the Soul

Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I headed? What happens after death?

On this second show of YourLifeRadio, Ricardo Chavez talks about one of the exciting subjects from his book "Your Life Does Not Have To Be A Soap Opera", the Immortality of the Soul and the Reincarnation. The Human Trinity, the Physical Body, the Soul, the Spirit and the Perispirit are just som of the themes that our host will talk about on this broadcast. Dn't miss the opportunity of reading my book "Your Life Does Not Have To Be A Soap Opera", which has changed people's lives around the world.

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First Episode – Welcome!

Welcome to the first radio show YourLifeRadio, which is part of his concept "Your Life Does Not Have To Be A Soap Opera". This show will be about the most important subjects that worry humankind at this point of our history: Reincarnation, Spirituality, Law of Cause and Effect (Karma), Emancipation of the Soul, Mediunship, Plurality of Worlds, Life in the Spiritual Realm, Spiritism, The Origin of Illnesses, Free Will, The Transformation of the Planet,The Mayan Predictions and what will really happen on December 21, 2012, the so-called “end of the world.”, The Power of Prayer and How to Do It, Astrology, Our Guardian Angels, What is Deja Vu?, The Enlightened Masters, Heaven and Hell, The Sphinx's Questions: Who are We? Where Do We Come From? Where Are We Going? And so much more! We will have important guests from different fields, psychology, spirituality, several doctrines, scientists, physicians, Spiritists, International Speakers, Best Seller authors and other leading personalities in the topics that we address. Should we start?

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